As I got older, my sight deteriorated and I thought I would never see my grandchildren again, until I met you. There are no words to express my thanks for the gift you gave me.

~ 75 Year Old

Thank you for making me feel like a worthwhile human being even though at this moment in life I am poor and have no insurance! You saved my sight!!!! What a rare person you are and your staff. Sent me flowers??? No one else did!!! I know you sacrificed a lot of economic gain for me and I’m sure for others. In this day and age that is so rare. May God bless you and your staff for treating me and others with respect and giving us a chance to be productive citizens!

~ 69 year old

Without my eyesight, I felt like I was dying a slow death. Everything I loved and enjoyed doing was being taken away from me. What you did was nothing short of a miracle.

~ 75 Year Old

I couldn’t be happier with the entire process for my eye surgery. It’s hard to come by an experience where you have nothing negative to say, especially for such an unnerving situation. I don’t like having surgery and am so thankful for the friendly staff, beautiful facility and overall experience. So much gratitude!

~ 53 year old

Thank you for the care you gave me. You never noticed I was black, or poor, or an old woman. Instead, you treated me with compassion and respect and gave me my life back.

~ 68 Year Old

I don’t have much to give at this moment but total gratitude. The Almighty Father sent you and your staff into my life. Thanks SO much!! I’m so poor, but grateful for men like Dr. Barad.

~ 84 year old